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Innovation is our core competitive
We totally dedicate ourselves to the development of the latest generation of small molecule anticancer drugs, for we firmly believe that, in China we are able to develop better innovative drugs to conquer cancer, and to make people live healthier and better.


Talent development and motivation
We will give full play to the advantages of internationalization and high technology, pay attention to cultivating the staff's rigorous scientific spirit and provide our staff with a good career development plan. Companies adhere to the concept of people-oriented employment, and create a harmonious employment environment, to provide staff with a good career platform, scientific evaluation system and improve the promotion mechanism, and to establish a smooth communication channels.


Protect human health
We are committed to deliver the latest generation anticancer drugs with high quality, selectivity, safety and low toxicity to cancer patients. We, will stand together with cancer patients, to fight against this stubborn and deadly disease. We are the winner!


The future of employees
The more responsibilities you assume, the better your performance, and the higher the payroll you receive. We want to care for the different needs and support of our employees at every stage of their life so that every employee can enjoy a better life. We provide each employee with a comprehensive career path to help you grow into an admirable industry leader.

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